Monday, April 15, 2013

Black Vs White - Ref Clinic Update

SWSR had a smashing time at the WFTDA Ref clinic 2013, held at Max Arena this year. 


SWSR teaming u with some wonderful ladies from WSR (Western Sydney Rollers) for a bout against WIRD (Wollongong Illawarra Roller Derby League)


 With a few delays the warms up finally started 


with the Arena packed to the brim with black and white stripe skaters and NSOs


The bout Kicked off and it was a momentous game, with SWSR and WSR (a B Team) Taking on WIRD (an A team). 

Representing the Black team the SWSR and WSR girls put on a great fight.


But victory wasn't going to be ours. 

Never the less, SWSR had a great time helping at the clinic, bouting with new skaters and learning some new Roller Derby Skills, Rules and Strategies.


Apart from the great day, there was a few casualties, which resulted in a dislocated Knee from our amazing skater Delora Gravity, as well as a fractured finger from our trusted Bench Manager, Coach and stand in skater for the day Longy, he put up a great fight against The Girls, and Luke from WIRD who was also battling it out on the track with the rest of the ladies.

We are looking forward to our next battle, with a bout taking place with SWSR very soon ! 

Stay posted for more details!!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

WFTDA Ref Clinic 2013 at Max Arena

Skate Australia are hosting the WFTDA 2013 Ref Clinic this year at Max Arena, Smeaton Grange, and SWSR are excited to announce that some of our girls will be skating during the Ref Clinic weekend at a bout / Scrimmage session.

We cant wait to strap on our skates and get rolling, with our black and white shirts ready, the Rockettes are excited.

For some of these girls, it will be there first bout and contact with another league or group of skaters, so it is going to be one tough game for them, but well worth the experience ! We cant wait to get there, with updates being posted soon !

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Derby Girls Need Funds Too !! Update

SWSR's First Fundraising event of 2013 ended with a BANG !!

We have a great night at the event, and would like to thank all those patrons, supporters, friends, family and fans that came down to be a part of the raffle,

to share in the sweet tasting food 


and to listen to the wonderful sounds of the band who traveled all the way from the Southern highlands to play for us.

We would like to thank CC's for allowing us to host this event there, to the friendly staff and security, who made the safe and secure.


Thanks again for all those who came down to celebrate roller derby with us, 

and congratulations to all those who won some of the many wonderful prizes which were on offer.


We cant wait to see you all at the next fundraiser, 
for your chance to get your hands on some more amazing goodies !!