Monday, July 5, 2010

South West Sydney Rockets got to meet some wonderful people, sell some cool merch, and talk about our league to all the fantastic people that come in to visit the ever so cool "Worn Wild Alternative Designer Markets" on Sunday 4th July 2010

Worn Wild is the first show of its kind in Australia. It’s a hotspot for all genres of alternative design and portfolios some of the most innovative wearable art forms as well as the most exciting ‘niches’ in the underground of fashion.
Finally there is a captivating and high energy event that does more than just put fashion on show.

Presented by GeoMythik / Starseeded Productions with fashion shows, performances, designer clothing, jewellery, hats, corsets, music, a full bar and more! South West Sydney Rockets had a great day, and would like to thank every body who came along to say hello...

A big thanks to our newest sponsor Rubi Rocket for all there support and help on the day, what a wonderful stress free markets it was, looking forward to seeing the next one !!

Worn Wild Alternative Markets