Thursday, March 1, 2012


So dont waste any time ! If you are interested on becoming the new SWSR Rockette, be sure to contact via email CONTACT@sWsROLLERS.COM for training, commencing at the Michael Wenden leisure centre, 62 Cabramatta Avenue, Miller, and start your derby training with us. We will begin our inductions at 4.30pm on March 11th 2012, with some brief roller derby training to get you prepared for the next 6 weeks of intense roller derby training to enable you to begin scrimmaging and then ultimately bouting under the SWSR league !! Will you be a Team Pink “SINDEROLLERS” or the newly name BLACK & BLUE BRUIZERS (formerly known as the Electric Blues)
Get your gear, (Mouth Guard, Wrist Guards, Elbow pads, Knee pads, Helmet & Skates) bring it along to the Wenden at 4.30pm, and find out if you have what it takes to begin your derby fun with us !! Please email us at contact@swsrollers to secure your spot and mark your name down on SWSR' next Fresh Meat intake roster

The Great Southern Slam 2012 Roller Derby Nationals

It is with great excitement that SWSR whish to announce our very own Rockettes will be at this years great Southern Slam, to be held in June can not wait for the match up rosters to come out.
With SWSR already bouting Tassie, what state will TGSS pair us up with? Two bouts to be played over the long weekend, SWS Rockettes are getting excited, with some intense training coming up, and team rosters being picked, we cant wait to rock Adelaide’s socks off. Be sure to check back for team SWSR All Scar Skater Announcements!