Thursday, June 28, 2012


CALLING ALL PROSPECTIVE ROCKETTES - July 29th 2012 - 4.30pm You don’t just have to be a skater to join SWSR, we are not only on the look out for new FRESH MEAT, but also are in need of REF’s, NSO’s (Non skating Officials) and Volunteers to help with the day to running of our league !!
If you are interested on becoming the new SWSR Rockette, be sure to contact via email CONTACT@SWSROLLERS.COM for training, commencing at the Michael Wenden leisure centre, 62 Cabramatta Avenue, Miller, and start your derby training with us. We will begin our inductions at 4.30pm on July 29th 2012, with some brief roller derby training to get you prepared for the next 6 weeks of intense roller derby training to enable you to begin scrimmaging and then ultimately bouting under the SWSR league !! Will you be a Team PINK OR BLACK & BLUE ? Get your gear, (Mouth Guard, Wrist Guards, Elbow pads, Knee pads, Helmet & Skates) bring it along to the Wenden at 4.30pm, and find out if you have what it takes to begin your derby fun with us !! Please email us at contact@swsrollers to secure your spot and mark your name down on SWSR' next Fresh Meat intake roster COMMENCING JULY 29TH 2012 We look forward to seeing all your new, bright, smiling faces there…EMAIL US NOW FOR INFO !! After you leave we will warn you, you will most likely be red, sweaty, tired and sore… but that’s the best part about roller derby it will get your fit, and if you are like the skaters in SWSR you will love training and everything that roller derby has to offer !! Cant wait to see you all there xox

Sunday, June 24, 2012


Thanks to our amazing new sponsor the SWSR Rockettes kept our teeth safe and sound by wearing our new Mouth guards by SIGNATURE MOUTHGAURDS
Look At our smiles after the bout !!
And check out these Derby Girls Smiling faces wearing these Australian Made Mouth Guards !

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Click on our Flickr links below to view some images of our adventures whist The SWSR All Scars were in Adelaide.
Out and About in Adelaide: LINK Bout 1 - SWSR v East Vic: LINK
Bout 2 - SWSR v Gold City: LINK
A Big thank you to Damien our regular Rockette Bout photographer who was in Adelaide over the weekend, to take these Bout Photos for SWSR and our bouting team mates.
Without Damien, these and other bouts would just be a mere memory, so a huge shout out goes to our league photographer for his amazing images; Thanks again Admen the Rockettes appreciate it from the soles of our skates <3

Friday, June 15, 2012


SWSR ARE BACK !! Back in NSW AND HOME !! WE CANT WAIT TO BRING YOU ALL OUR UPDATES FROM OUR ROLLER DERBY DIARY OF A TGSS TRIP - 2012 We are happy to be home, thanks to everyone who wished us well, and congratulated us on our bouts and welcomed our safe return, as promised here is ANOTHER diary of a derby trip this one didn’t go bad though - DIARY OF A TGSS DERBY TRIP , We had a fantastic time in Adelaide and love TGSS, here you can read some of our adventures
Day 1 – Friday Arrival: SWSR were sooo excited to finally land in Adelaide, we hired ourselves two vehicles, a 7 and 8 seater, and set off on our short drive to get ourselves unpacked. not knowing where we were going the first to arrive off the pane drove to the villas together, ready to getting settled in for a few hours before the rest of the Rockettes landed, with most of the girls arriving later in the day, we had enough room for all of our luggage, and there was allot, to have to only make one trip from the airport straight to our villas. We found the beautiful spot not far from the airport, but had to wait for keys to arrive. The Rockettes which had landed and were waiting decided to look at the sounds and found themselves at the beautiful local jetty. The remaining rockettes left behind finally secured the keys, got into the villas, discovered the area, took in our breath taking views and prepared to go shopping for groceries before everyone arrived. We spent the rest of the evening snacking on pasties, sitting on our balcony watching the view, drinking some tasty drinks, cooking a huge bbq and talking until bed called us for tomorrows adventure. In the midst of all this we also checked out the tracked and registered our skaters for the bouting days ahead.... tomorrow is the first day of TGSS and our SWSR Merch stall !!
Day 2 – Saturday TGSS Begins We thought we would make the most of our trip to Adelaide and bring us much merch as we possibly could, in hopes that we would be able to make some more mullah to fund our next big adventure. Little did we realize that the amount of merch we had was more than the table TGSS provided us allowed. Luckily for us the table which was provided for the league next to us turned up very late with little merch, which help us out by enabling us to spread our gods out more, for all of our derby loving customers to see !! With the SWS Rockette All Scars Bouting on Sunday and Monday, it gave everyone in our league the opportunity to watch other league bouts, which were all fantastic, our very our Verruca Bazooka skated hard and fast against USA's very own Quadzilla in the challenge bout under team "Angry Birds", with all skaters and bouts being even better than we could have anticipated, with some very close games until the end, we were sure looking forward to what was in store for us tomorrow; knowing we were leaving after our bouts left us little time to explore Adelaide so on our skating day off we spied the Lego display in another hall at the TGSS and checked it out, there was amazing sculptures, all created out of lego which must have taken hours to build, it was $15 well spent. Some of the girls also made there way across town to the city centre to check out Rundle Street Mall and the city of churches, and what a gorgeous quiet city it is, With a great first day behind us we headed back to our villas to get a good nights sleep before bouting it our with East Vic at 4pm the following afternoon.
Day 3 – Sunday – Bout Day: With alarms set and our uniform, and gear ready to go, we all go up early for breakfast and headed to the convention centre to get ready for our shifts at our merch stall and our bout in the afternoon As we drive to the convention centre with skates in toe, some of the Rockettes are already complaining of not feeling so well, We had heard of a previous trip last year with a group of leagues getting sick "Radelaide water" they called it, and the effects seemed to be taking its toll on some of our girls. with stomach aches and running noses, the Rockettes were not going to let a little bit of sickness get in our way, and skated with everything we had. Regardless of our Radelaide Belly’s, and the freezing cold track, (no heaters were on that day in hall 1)we skated on brave and hard, giving it our blood sweat and bruises. East Vic was an amazing league, which we had a fantastic time skating against, with SWSR dressed in hot pink ad East Vic in dark purple, the final score was The SWSR All Scars and crew left the bout exhausted but happy, we were not defeated, we were exhilarated. We had learnt so much, that that very night our benchie, captains, crew and skaters all came together for a Rockette All Scar meeting in villa 1, surrounded by boxes of pizza and vegetables loving cooked by Bazooka. After a huge day at the convention centre dinner and our meeting, it was time to dream of amazing bout to following in the morning this one was going to be earlier, so alarm clocks on !! SWSR girls and guy sleep and sound off to bed to do it all again.
Day 4 – Monday – Bout Day With alarm Bells are ringing, the shower dripping, and SWSR ARE ABOUT TO HEAD OFF TO ANOTHER FUN FILLED BOUTING DAY, THIS TIME TAKING ON GOLD CITY WA AT 10.00, ON TRACK 4 Arriving at the convention centre in the morning dressed in our Blue shirts, ready to take on the Gold City ladies, we were relieved when we arrived and the heaters had been turned on, this meant we would in fact be able to feel our feet whilst skating, while was difficult the day before, toes were tingling due to no heating and the intense cold in the concrete shell of the convention centre. With the bout about to start and the rockettes still not feeling the best we decided to go in there and skate for our fans, to play roller derby and have fun, and have fun we sure did ! The bout was a fast paced action packed hard hitting one, with Gold City's star jammer swifty unfortunately needing to be taken of by the ambos, only to be wheeled back into the benches in her wheel chair to cheer on and support the remaining of her team mates out on the track, thank fully swifty is ok, and the remainder of the bout was played injury free. After posing for photos with Gold City and for League photos some of the Rockettes crew headed back to the villas for one last afternoon of Radelaide fun, while the rest of the girls stayed on at the convention centre to watch the finals and cheer on all leagues skating that afternoon. The Rockettes who left the convention centre were lucky enough to witness the spectacular display of Dolphins swimming in the oceans across from our villa, while the birds were flying around them and swooping in for fish. What an amazing afternoon in the Adelaide sun, which spurred some of the Rockettes to venture out once again and take in all of the city surrounds, and of course do some last minute shopping at Rundle street Mall. After a long day bouting and sight seeing, all of the Rockettes returned to the villa after the Great Southern Slam Finals, had some dinner, talked about the bout, relaxed in our beach front villa and decided on who and what time we were leaving for the after party. With a lot of the Rockettes still sick from Adelaide Belly, only a handful ventured out into the nights cold to party with the rest of the derby stars, some Rockettes had already flown out, whilst the others stayed night and warm in the villas, packing up for the next days flight home.
Day 5 – Tuesday – Rockettes arrive Home Once again the alarm was set early with a few of us heading off to the airport for flights, with the remainder of the rockettes leaving later in the day. after such a huge weekend behind us, the remainder of the girls were looking forward to heading back home to South West Sydney. Cooking didn’t seem like an option, so we raided the pantry and ate all the left overs before we cleaned the villas for one last sight see, and to fly out. The morning we talked more derby, ate some fine tasting food, walked along the shore line to take in the beautiful views one last time, where the beach couldn’t be calmer and more clean, with the sand squeaking underneath our feet. We decided to do some last minute shopping at the DFO outlet, and then head back to the airport to fly home ! All of the Rockettes arrived safe and sound, and we couldn’t have been happier with the weekend we had, it was derby filled fun, and not and injury in sight. ! Look out TGSS next year, we cant wait to roll into Radelaide again. AND THAT WAS SWSR ROCLLER DERBY LEAGUES DIARY OF A TGSS ROLLER DERBY TRIP 2012, WE GLAD WE COULD SHARE OUR ADVENTURES WITH YOU

Monday, June 11, 2012

B…..B……B….BOUT DAY 2

It was a very close game against The All Scars and the Gold City Girls FROM WA, with the first half proving to be more difficult than the second for swsr getting points on the board
With temperatures not quite what we were used to in NSW, some of the South West Sydney Rockets were finding it difficult to even feel there toes !!
The Convention centre didn’t let us down on the cold front on Monday with the organisers finally turning on the heating in the Convention centre, even so we were pleased to have decided to wear our long tights again for the morning bout.
With the bout about to start and the Rockettes still non feeling the best we decided to go in there and skate for our fans, to play roller derby and have fun, the previous days proved that relying on knee starts and immediately breaking of packs on the first jammer whilst was no fun for fans or for the skaters playing, and rather than stand or kneel on a line to get booed at, we decided we would rather have cheers for big hits and fast game play. By not reply on knee starts and breaking up packs, but to engage and be engaged for our fans and everyone who was watching on DNN.
With Gold City playing a very strategic game, the 1st half of the bout seen our All scars struggling to put points up on the board, however this only fired the Rockettes to try harder the second half, and we did and amazing job.
Jamming for SWSR’s “All Scars” Team Tassie were Lil Tamtrum, Kimakaze, Hannesthetic, Tracy Cyclone, Veruca Bazooka. with All Jammers doing an amazing job, breaking through the ever present walls of the Gold City Girls. Blockers and Pivots including the Jammers about; Killawatts, Shelby Unkonshus, Frocky Horror, She-Riff, Faye Tallity, Delora Gravity, Meliminateher, Melraiser and La Leona all did an invaluable job of breaking up walls, holding the inside and doing the League proud.
The second half proved to be a different story for Gold City and SWSR, even with more questionable ref calls, SWSR managed to climb our way back, closing in the gap on the score, and not allowing any points to be scored on us by Gold City the whole second half, the final score was close , with SWSR just missing out on catching the Gold City Girls, but with victory at our fingertips we couldn’t be happier
As our motto states “Blood, Sweat & Bruises” the girls of both SWSR and Gold City im sure both left the convention centre with a bit of all three… the morning of a fast and ferocious game, was a great way to end TGSS for South West Sydney Rockets !.
There were a lot of thrills and spills and tumbles throughout the bout, with some great photos being taken of bout day, a big thank you goes out to all the Rockettes, support crew and bench managers, you all did an amazing job ! Click on the link HERE to view some of those images now

Sunday, June 10, 2012

B…..B……B….BOUT DAY 1 !!

THAT’S RIGHT ITS BOUT DAY and SWSR have just played our very first TGSS Bout against the wonderful ladies of East Vic "The Witches of East Vic" Decked out in our hot pink uniform, which contrasted nicely against East Vics Purple, we were a colourful game to watch on the track.
And what a remarkable bout it was, with a group of amazing skaters from East Vic, who kept us on our toes for both halves, creating walls of steel, it was one fun close game, such an exciting bout to be a part of, and SWSR can not thank the ladies of Adelaide and all the volunteers involved in putting on such an awesome event for us to be able skate in.
With Temperatures almost at zero in the convention centre and with half of the Rockettes feeling sick, we knew the bout was not going o be an easy one. East Vic proved from the very first jam that SWSR would have its work cut out for them, with every needing to pitch in on the track we put on some experienced and first time SWSR jammers, with Lil Tamtrum, Hannesthetic, Verruca Bazooka, Kimakaze, Meliminateher, Tracy Cyclone and Melraiser all getting a go, our blockers (which also includes our jammers above) Killawatts, Shelby Unkonshus, Britney Speartackle, Frocky Horror, She-Riff, Faye Tallity and Delora Gravity all worked together to represent South West Sydney and Roller Derby in our region, and we did a fantastic job. watched live and cheered on by many fans who witnessed the live bout coverage on DNN, we received some great feedback.
Every skater who participated in the days bouts, our support crew, and especially our benchies all did an amazing job. Breaking up walls, holding the inside and keeping there heads in the game despite some questionable ref calls. The East Vic girls put on a hard fight, and should be congratulated for there effort, we cant wait to meet you lovely ladies on the track again one day very soon, and get down and derby <3
There were a lot of thrills and spills and tumbles throughout the bout, with some great photos being taken of bout day.
Click on the link below the view some of those images now BOUT DAY 1 - SWSR V EAST VIC

Saturday, June 9, 2012


SWSR MERCH STALL AT THE GREAT SOUTHERN SLAM 2012 Come down and get yourself some HOT PINK BLUE and BLACK South West Sydney Rockets Merch <3

Friday, June 8, 2012


WE MAKE IT TO THE ROLLER DERBY NATIONALS - "THE GREAT SOUTHERN SLAM" With the Rockettes safely landing !! SWSR have arrived safely in the land of Radelaide, it is a lot warmer than Sydney which was a relief, even with the sun is setting in, but we are finally safe and warm in our own little piece of Adelaide for the long weekend…. After hiring a bus SWSR’s Team Radelaide Rockettes drove to our Villas overlooking the beach, and have begun warming the house with drinks, laughs, food and of course the air conditioner !
Our support crew and Benchie staff and Skaters have settled in too.. a cute little place which we were lucky enough to secure before all the accommodation in Adelaide was booked out..
We will be travelling down the road to the local pub for some drinks before dinner, watch the night fall over the huge beach in front of us, before dropping off to sweet sleep.. Heaters on – Yes – no need, we aren’t in Sydney anymore ! ! SWSR are definitely not used to such beautiful scenery and can not wait to wake up in the morning to watch the sun rise over the amazing blue waters…
The accommodation is gorgeous, two villas, beach front views, and as a bunch of girls travelling together the abundance of bathrooms and mirrors are great… there will be no fighting in the morning for mirror space that’s for sure…. While we stay warm and cosy in our House after dinner, we will be sleeping and dreaming of all things derby in preparation for the big day weekend ahead of us tomorrow. LET SWSR’S BOUTING HISTORY BEGIN !! THE GREAT SOUTHERN SLAM IS WAITING FOR US !! Wish us the best of luck and we hope we make NSW in particular South west Sydney proud.


We are off to Adelaide!!! With only a few hours left to go and we can not contain our excitement, if you are in Adelaide be sure to grab yourselves a ticket for this June long weekend roller derby extravaganza .. We cant wait to start freeze our butts off there when we land just like we did last year when our skates hit the shores of Tassie <3
Bags are packed, Skates packed– check Mouthguard – check Knee pads - check Elbow pads - check Wrist Guards – check Helmet – check Uniform – check Some fierce attitude and fingers crossed on taking home a win – check NOW LETS HOPE THE PLANE GETS US THERE ON TIME X

Saturday, June 2, 2012


That’s right just in time the TGSS SWSR have got out hot little hands on some truly spectacular merch, rubber 3d key rings displaying our lovely logo, what more could you ask for than to dangle this long lasting highly durable, colourful SWSR logo Key ring on your favourite set of keys !!
Be sure to keep and eye out at TGSS for these babies, and get yourself one over the weekend, if you are not lucky enough to make it to Adelaide then be sure to contact us at to find out how you can get your very own today !