Tuesday, November 5, 2013

2013 Fishers Ghost Street Parade

 2013 Fishers Ghost Street Parade

 SWSR had a great time again at this years Annual Fishers Ghost Street Parade for 2013

With this years theme emphasizing on Spring, nature and pastel colours, SWSR look amazing skating down the street dressed as Lady Bugs, stink bugs and Killer Bees !

 The Parade was awash with sunshine, with huge crowds and onlookers cheering on all the entrants and the girls and guys participating from SWSR !!

We cant wait to see the highlights ibn the local newspapers and have our fingers crossed on another win this year !!

Below and above are some pictures of SWSR enjoying the parade !!

For those of you who don’t know, Campbelltown has been celebrating the Ghost of Fred Fisher in its Annual Festival for more than 50 years.

Almost four months after the mysterious disappearance of local farmer, Fred Fisher, in 1826 a strange occurrence took place in a local hotel. On that memorable night, a wealthy and respectable farmer, John Farley, stumbled into a local hotel in a state of shock claiming he had seen the ghost of Fred Fisher sitting on the rail of a bridge over a creek.
The ghost pointed to a paddock down the creek then faded away.

The body of Fred Fisher was later discovered in the paddock where the ghost had pointed and more than 100 years on Campbelltown still celebrates this tragic murder, neighbour George Worrall confessed to the murder during trial, and some say the ghost of Fred can still be seen sometimes sitting on the rail of the bridge overlooking the creek.


Cant wait to see you all back again next year 
with a whole new theme !!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Mega Muscle Cars and Hotrods


One of our longest and most amazing sponsors “Rubi Rocket” https://www.facebook.com/RubiRocketAccessories who specialize in rock n roll inspired jewellery, clothing and homewares has helped SWSR out at this years Mega Muscle cars and Hot Rod show at Casula (Liverpool) this weekend!

Providing us with a small space within the stall at the years Liverpool car show, in which we were able to show and sell some of our Roller Derby merchandise and to promote the league within the locate area, while obtaining some new recruits!

The car show was a huge success with nice weather and huge crowds! We cant wait to be a part of it again next year !

Friday, August 30, 2013

Penrith Bout Highlights

SWSR had a great night at Penrith's, Cambridge sports Stadium, batteling it out with WSR's Team Zombies !!  SWSR/CKO and WSR/Varsity had a great bout !!


Below and above are some highlights of this fun but tiring bout agasint the amazing skaters of WSR !


A big thanks goes to our sister league CKO who joined us on the track as team fast and furious to take on WSR team Zombies !!

We cant wait to skate Against our Sister league CKO in a bout scheduled later this year at SWSR's very own indoor skating arena Maximum Sport !! Be sure to check this news feed, facebook and instagram for more details closer to the date !

Saturday, August 24, 2013


SWSR Spent the morning in the blazing sun, spreading the derby love to all those who attended the Artisan Markets today at Narellan !

 SWSR as always, had an amazing colourful stand, which housed all of our great merchandise, and merchadise from our sponsors ! The wonderful Rubi Rocket supplied us with some fantastic Acrylic Lasr cut Skate Jewellery ! Rubi Rocket is an australian based company who have been specialising in lasercut jewellery, clothing, and homewares since 2006 ! With the first lasercut skate jewellery to hit the market, which has been popular for years and years  ! https://www.facebook.com/RubiRocketAccessories

 Another exciting installment to our SWSR stall was a collection of prints, cars and tshirts by our resident artist and skater Lad_Lowbrow (Kimakaze) ! For amazing custom goodies from Lady Lowbrow click here http://instagram.com/lady_lowbrow#

Lethal Dosage and D.Viant.Dee getting some shade in our sponsors stall Rubi Rocket https://www.facebook.com/RubiRocketAccessories


Friday, August 23, 2013


What are you doing this Saturday before watching SWSR/CKO take on WSR/Varsity at 6pm?

Come over to Narellan to meet your local Roller Derby League at our market stall... 

This Saturday 24th August .... see some awesome market stalls with an array of goodies ... 

From 10am until 2pm at Narellan Library, Elryd st, Narellan !! 

We will be there so stop in and say hello and support local artists, designers, creatives and of course local roller derby !


Hot off the Press !!
Shirts are printed and look amazing ! With SWSR teaming up with CKO for the upcoming bout in Penrith, we decided to use both leagues main colours to combine for one team. Now known as "The Fresh and The Furious" all shorts have been printed and dispatched, and are going to look fantastic on our skaters in a few short days !!

Once again thanks to the amazing Lady Lowbrow  http://instagram.com/lady_lowbrow#   for designing this new logo and shirt uniform for us !! We cant wait to roll out as team Pink and Green !

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Fresh and Furious

SWSR are getting ready for our upcoming bout at Penrith against WSR's Team Zombies !
With SWSR joing forces with CKO, we decided it would only be fitting to have a new joint team logo / shirt made up for our bout in a few short days.

Once again our very own talented resident artist and skater, Lady_Lowbrow (Kimakaze) has put together this amazing design to be worn by our skaters and CKO members participating in this joint bout at Penrith against WSR !!

With only limited shirts being printed, a few will be available at our bout for purchase, if you would like your own Fresh and Furious shirt, be sure to get to the bout, or contact us now to purchase the sizing of your choice before they all go !

If your league needs help with any bouting posters, league logos, shirt designs etc, please dont hesitate to contact Ladylowbrow@gmail.com to get things rolling ! She loves to help and work with the Roller Derby community on all things creative !!  http://instagram.com/lady_lowbrow#

Monday, August 19, 2013

The Other Superman

The other superman .. The amazing Paul rocking out SWSR shirt on this weeks Australia's got Talent.. 

Watch some more of Paul's amazing stunts when he comes back in the next few weeks to show us some more mind numbing, jaw dropping, breathtaking wheelchair stunts.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Roller Derby Bout !!

SWSR are getting excitied ! we are going to be a part of this years Grand final intraleague bouts against WSR's teams;

See the Western Sydney Rollers 'Hellfire Honeys' taking on the 'Circuit Breakers' for their Grand Final of 2013!! With SWSR showcasing our skills in the pre mini bout agasint WSR's Team Zombies

 SWSR will be battling it out with CKO before the big game in a Mini Bout against WSRs team 'The Zombies' ...

 Be there August 24th from 5pm to see SWSR/CKO in the first bout at 6pm 

SWSR and CKOs 'Fresh and Furious' against The Zombies and then onto the finals!! 

SWSR cant wait to be there !!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Australias Got Talent!

Be sure to be watching South West Sydney resident Paul Nunnari, wheelchair superhero stuntman and paraolympion silver medalist , looking awesome in South West Sydney Rockets Roller Derby league shirt on hit tv show Australias Got Talent !

Paul known as "The Other Superman" will be on channel 9, Australias Got Talent Program this Sunday (August 18th) from 6.30pm 

 Paul is an inspiration to everyone, and all South West Sydney Residents should get behind Paul and show your support and vote for this amazing Wheelchair stunt man Paraolympian !

Be watching on the 18th ! And VOTE VOTE VOTE !!