Saturday, August 17, 2013

Roller Derby Bout !!

SWSR are getting excitied ! we are going to be a part of this years Grand final intraleague bouts against WSR's teams;

See the Western Sydney Rollers 'Hellfire Honeys' taking on the 'Circuit Breakers' for their Grand Final of 2013!! With SWSR showcasing our skills in the pre mini bout agasint WSR's Team Zombies

 SWSR will be battling it out with CKO before the big game in a Mini Bout against WSRs team 'The Zombies' ...

 Be there August 24th from 5pm to see SWSR/CKO in the first bout at 6pm 

SWSR and CKOs 'Fresh and Furious' against The Zombies and then onto the finals!! 

SWSR cant wait to be there !!