Monday, December 5, 2011


Bout Mare before Christmas was a cracking success
With SWSRS last Intraleague bout over for our first successful bouting year, The electric Blues came back after three losses to secure the teams first win for 2011.
Bout highlight photos can be see on our flickr here BOUTMARE PICS thanks to our amazing photographer Damien for taking these images for SWSR, the sinderollers and The electric Blues are always thrilled to see the bout highlights reel after every event, and these pictures were no exception !
With skaters injured, and bout rosters changing, The electric Blues shaked things up for the Pink Sinderollers, but it wasn’t ti be pink victory this time, with The Electric Blues shockingly taking home the victory and skating away with an awesome win !
CHECK OUR FACEBOOK OR WEBSITE FOR THE FINAL SCORES - IT WAS A CLOSE ONE What a great game to watch, skate and participate in ! Sewer’s Intraleague season for 2012 will be much shorter with fewer bouts due to a busy schedule for 2012, we are hoping on one enormous Intraleague bout scheduled for later in the year ! Be sure to check our face book and this SWSR News blog regularly to see what date we will be bouting for our one and only Intraleague bout for 2012, who will take home the time next year?
Team Hot Pink or the Blazing Electric Blues?? To see the entire collection of photos , click on our flick page HERE