Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Outdoor Training!

While the weather is warm, SWSR is taking the opportunity to get some outdoor training practice in.

We know that every bouting surface can be different, and have learnt the most benificial way for all skaters to gain more agility, balance and stamina, is to strap on some skates, get outside, and get yourself to your local outdoor netball court, bike track, or walking trail and start doing some laps !.

Every surface is differnt, and SWSR prides ourself on all terrain training ! We know that no everyone has access to a skating facility like our current training venue Max Arena, but there are so many other places to skate which we know you can find !

Not only are we keeping fit, but we are also getting a bit of a tan and fresh air ! What better way to enjoy the Sydney sunshine, than to skate in it !! 

We hope this post has encouraged you to get yourself outdoors in the sun, and start pushing on the pavement as well!

Friday, June 7, 2013


SWSR are heading to Canberra to be a part of a Mixed team of girls to bout agasint, Canberra's Roller Derby League The Varsity Rollers !!

A road trip is on the cards very soon, and we cant wait to get our pink butts down there to skate, block, and play roller derby !! So if you are in Canberra over the weekend of July 13th, be sure to get yourself to Southern Cross Stadium at Tuggeranong and cheer the Dishouner Rollers and Misfit Militia on !!