Monday, June 11, 2012

B…..B……B….BOUT DAY 2

It was a very close game against The All Scars and the Gold City Girls FROM WA, with the first half proving to be more difficult than the second for swsr getting points on the board
With temperatures not quite what we were used to in NSW, some of the South West Sydney Rockets were finding it difficult to even feel there toes !!
The Convention centre didn’t let us down on the cold front on Monday with the organisers finally turning on the heating in the Convention centre, even so we were pleased to have decided to wear our long tights again for the morning bout.
With the bout about to start and the Rockettes still non feeling the best we decided to go in there and skate for our fans, to play roller derby and have fun, the previous days proved that relying on knee starts and immediately breaking of packs on the first jammer whilst was no fun for fans or for the skaters playing, and rather than stand or kneel on a line to get booed at, we decided we would rather have cheers for big hits and fast game play. By not reply on knee starts and breaking up packs, but to engage and be engaged for our fans and everyone who was watching on DNN.
With Gold City playing a very strategic game, the 1st half of the bout seen our All scars struggling to put points up on the board, however this only fired the Rockettes to try harder the second half, and we did and amazing job.
Jamming for SWSR’s “All Scars” Team Tassie were Lil Tamtrum, Kimakaze, Hannesthetic, Tracy Cyclone, Veruca Bazooka. with All Jammers doing an amazing job, breaking through the ever present walls of the Gold City Girls. Blockers and Pivots including the Jammers about; Killawatts, Shelby Unkonshus, Frocky Horror, She-Riff, Faye Tallity, Delora Gravity, Meliminateher, Melraiser and La Leona all did an invaluable job of breaking up walls, holding the inside and doing the League proud.
The second half proved to be a different story for Gold City and SWSR, even with more questionable ref calls, SWSR managed to climb our way back, closing in the gap on the score, and not allowing any points to be scored on us by Gold City the whole second half, the final score was close , with SWSR just missing out on catching the Gold City Girls, but with victory at our fingertips we couldn’t be happier
As our motto states “Blood, Sweat & Bruises” the girls of both SWSR and Gold City im sure both left the convention centre with a bit of all three… the morning of a fast and ferocious game, was a great way to end TGSS for South West Sydney Rockets !.
There were a lot of thrills and spills and tumbles throughout the bout, with some great photos being taken of bout day, a big thank you goes out to all the Rockettes, support crew and bench managers, you all did an amazing job ! Click on the link HERE to view some of those images now