Thursday, November 11, 2010

South West Sydney Rockets Roller Derby League are thrilled to announce we have been selected to participate in the very first ever

"Red Bull Roller Ragers"

inter-league competition to be held at the Brisbane Entertainment and Arts Centre on November 20th 2010, being hosted by The Northern Brisbane Rollers

Red Bull are giving us wings, and flying us up to Brisbane to take part in this exciting event which is going to be held through out the evening during
NBR's Final Bout - Seasons Beatings;
where the "Love Rockettes" take on the "Diner Mite Dolls"
There will also be a mini bout to take place between
the "NRB Ferals" and the "Toowoomba City Rollers" !!

What a huge night, NBR's final bout with the Love Rockettes Vs the Diner Mite Dolls,
a Mini bout between NBR Ferals and Toowoomba City Rollers
and last but not least.....
The Red Bull Roller Ragers Comp which we will be competing in ..... 7 States battling it out, 28 Girls skating, with South West Sydney Rockets representing NSW with four of our own "All Scar Team" members...

We are excited to announce, with much anticipation that the SWSR Girls representing us are;

The "Red Bull Roller Ragers" competition consists of 5 comps, with 28 girls from four different leagues across Australia battling it out using there Roller Derby Skills...

The competition categories are:
*Highest Jump Comp - One Skater from SWSR to compete (7 skaters in total)
*Knee Slide Limbo - All Four Skaters compete (28 Skaters in total)
*Relay Race - All Four Skaters compete (28 Skaters in total)
*Panty Retrieval - One Skater from SWSR to compete (7 skaters in total)
*Queen of the Rink - All Four Skaters compete (28 skaters in total)

With all leagues being in the running to win part of the $10,000 prize pool generously donated by Red Bull !!!!

If you turn up on the night and show your support, you too could win $500, for being the "Most Hardcore Fan" ... Do you have what it takes ???

Come along to one of the most exciting Roller Derby events of the year, and get behind the girls of SWSR and show your support for our state ... there will be music, entertainment and SWSR Roller Girls, what more could you want??


Derby <3
SWS Rockets xoxo