Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Team Announcements !!!

After a long, tiring process of getting everyone together, with all the women of SWSR putting in months of hard work; the girls of South West Sydney Rockets dedication and determination has paid off, enabling us to announce…

With much excitement…..

FOUR NEW TEAMS have now been set up within our League

The Girls of SWSR have been split into teams, ready for future Inter-league bouts;

Team 1 – Official Colours are; Hot Neon Pink & Black

Team 2 – Official Colours are; Hot Neon Blue & Black

Team 3 – Official Colours are; Light Pastel Pink & Black

Team 4 – Official Colours are; Light Pastel Blue & Black

Announcements of our Team names, logos and members will be added to our website soon !!!

South West Sydney Rockets Roller Derby League has also set up a Team for future League Vs League Bouts.

With us proud to announce our New Team Name:

“The South West Sydney All Scars”

“SWSR All Scar” Teams – Official Colours are; Hot Neon Pink, Bright Blue & Black

Love the SWSR Girls xoxo

Saturday, September 25, 2010

South West Sydney Rockets were there again !!!

South West Sydney Rockets had another amazing day at the second Rock ‘N’ Roll Markets held in Tempe.

Lots of goodies and treats were sold, and we met a lot of amazing new people, and witnessed a few crazy ones too :)

The girls didnt have a chance to have a play on the Jumping castle this time round, but next time we are there for sure, bouncing around :)

Also a huge thank you to everyone who came to support us, to say hello, buy our goodies and talk derby to us :)

We love your support...

More photos of the markets can be viewed HERE "SWSR Rockets Roller Derby League at the Rock n Roll Alternative Markets"

Be sure to check back for updates on the date of our adventure :) xox

Love the SWSR Girls xoxo