Thursday, December 16, 2010

South West Sydney Rockets
2010 Awards Presentation

With all the hard work and dedication all the girls at SWSR put in throughout the year, we felt it was necessary to start a new tradition in our league, with our first ever "Trophy Awards Presentation" taking place at our Christmas get together.

With our first first year ending, SWSR have come a long way, and with 2010 ending and a new year beginning we wanted to put together this awards day to show our appreciation to each and every SWSR member of our wonderful league.

These trophies were put together and voted on by the skaters for the skaters, with fellow peers voting on each category.

SWSR wish they could have awards all members a trophy, however all members know they are very much appreciated, and the committee at SWSR could not ask for a better bunch of girls to skate with.

You all have done so amazing well, progressing beyond expectations, you all should be very proud of yourselves!!! and cant wait to see you all excel again in 2011 !!


Most Improved Overall Skater: DeNominator
Most Determined Skater: Dolly Death
Most Lovable Skater: Lady Gag-Her
Most improved Backwards Skater: Deviant.Dee
Most improved Cross Over Queen: Mary McKill-her
Most Improved Jumper: Strawb'ry Slaughtercake
Most Improved Hip Block /Checker: Metho Betho
Best Hip Blocker/Checker: Melicious M
Most Improved Blocker/Barger: Ling Ling
Best Barger/Blocker: KillerBee
Most Improved Pack Skater: Scarlett O'Harm-Her
Best Pack Skater: Killawatts
Best Bruise: Rock Island Line
Best Derby Stack: The Barbarian Librarian
Skater of the Year 2010 Runner Up: Dita Von Bruiser
Skater of the Year 2010: Kimakaze

for more photos of the awards day, click HERE