Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Derby Girls Need Funds Too !! Update

SWSR's First Fundraising event of 2013 ended with a BANG !!

We have a great night at the event, and would like to thank all those patrons, supporters, friends, family and fans that came down to be a part of the raffle,

to share in the sweet tasting food 


and to listen to the wonderful sounds of the band who traveled all the way from the Southern highlands to play for us.

We would like to thank CC's for allowing us to host this event there, to the friendly staff and security, who made the safe and secure.


Thanks again for all those who came down to celebrate roller derby with us, 

and congratulations to all those who won some of the many wonderful prizes which were on offer.


We cant wait to see you all at the next fundraiser, 
for your chance to get your hands on some more amazing goodies !!